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Request to complete honour based abuse survey for social work research

Request from Satvir Panesar

Dear Colleagues,

I am requesting your participation in a brief survey to support with my doctorate research project. My research will focus on how using a tool such as a genogram can allow social work practitioners to explore honour-based abuse. A genogram resembles a family tree and can be used to explore family patterns and relationships. My research will be conducted in three parts: surveys completed by social work practitioners, interviews with survivors of honour-based abuse, and a focus group with social work practitioners.

I have invited you to take part in this survey as part of the first stage of the research project because as a social work practitioner, you will support me in understanding how social workers are currently identifying concerns of honour-based abuse. You will also be able to share how you are/have worked alongside families that have or may have experienced honour-based abuse.

I have ethical approval from the Faculty of Education, Health and Well-being at the University of Wolverhampton and the Research governance board at the City of Wolverhampton council. My supervisor is Prof Elaine Arnull at the University of Wolverhampton,

The information that is collected from this research project will be kept private and confidential; no names and locations will be used, and your identity will be kept confidential.

The survey is brief and will only take a short-time to complete. Please click the link below to go to the survey.

Your responses are appreciated and will contribute to social work research, thank you for taking part.

Satvir Panesar

Advanced Practitioner

Strengthening Families

Wolverhampton City Council

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