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Co-Production Charter Executive Summary

The West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership (WMSWTP) supports a wide range of activities to enhance and improve engagement with those with lived experience of social work, including the facilitation of a People with Lived Experience (PWLE) Advisory Group. Bringing together PWLE, and representatives from Local Authorities, Trusts, and Higher Education Institutes to discuss and promote co-production, participation, and the involvement of PWLE in social work education and practice across the partnership.

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The Co-Production Charter

The Strengthening Social Work Together Co-Production Charter has been developed by the People with Lived Experience Advisory Group. The collective wisdom of diverse, unique individuals who have shared knowledge, insights, and reflections upon personal, professional, and theoretical contributions. Bringing a valuable and honest depth of experience to collaboration and co-production with people with lived experience.

The group identified that whilst many organisations are taking positive steps towards a co-production approach. Often there are inconsistencies, which may bring about additional challenges that impact upon the co-production relationship and subsequent outcomes of co-production work. However, with a more cohesive, consistent, trauma responsive approach to co-production, collaborative practice may be improved, developed, and further embedded across all activities of the partnership.

The Charter reflects that the lens of lived experience brings a level of knowledge, insight, and empathetic understanding to the co-production relationship, which an observer or witness can never completely share. Therefore, this document is to serve as a best practice guide to working in co-production with people who have lived experience of social work and social care practice.

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The Co-Production Charter - Appendices

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Links to resources and guidance that informed the Co-Production Charter

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