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Challenges facing Black African parents in bringing up children in the UK.

The Social Work Education, Policy and Practice (SWEPP) Research Cluster at Birmingham City University is delighted to invite all members to the third of its lunchtime webinars in the ‘Social work on the Edge’ series. Taking place on Wednesday 24th January 2024 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Join us for "Challenges facing Black African parents in bringing up children in the UK" with guest speaker Fungisai Mushawa.

A black mother sitting on the floor, surrounded by her children looks lovingly into her child's eyes as she reads to them in their bedroom.

About the webinar:

This webinar will shed light on some of the challenges faced by black African parents when bringing up children in the UK and, through research, address the complexities surrounding the provision of services to such families. Factors that will be considered include environmental, societal, political and historical influences. African researchers argue for African solutions for global problems and there are theories, models and frameworks that have been developed that will allow for conceptualisation of the hidden social constructions when parenting in different environments. The research aims to encourage social work practitioners to recognise and acknowledge the different parenting styles whilst also seeking to establish a fit in environment for African parents bringing up children in the UK. 

About the speaker:

Fungisai is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work at Birmingham City University, and a doctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University. Prior to working in social work academia, Fungisai was a social work practitioner and manager, principally in child safeguarding and fostering services. 

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