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Application and Interview Top Tips

By Adam Sayward, Programme Support Officer

The West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership has collaborated on the production of some useful tips, guidance and tools to take into consideration when applying, attending interview or interviewing. This is especially pertinent to the current climate of online applications and interviews, however, can be used for face-to-face experiences also.

Please find included within this article some info-sheets and graphics that can be downloaded and shared to members of the West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership


Preparing to apply for a social work role

We know the application process can be daunting, especially when you have just found a role that you think will be a perfect fit for you. By following these helpful tips, you will stand a better chance of your application standing out to the hiring manager. Remember, there are many people applying for the same post, and it is your job at this point to make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to shortlist you for interview - anything you can do to enhance your chances are worth the extra time and consideration.


Preparing for an interview

Great news if you have reached the interview stage, congratulations! Below are some top tips to remember when you are presenting on virtual platforms. They also cross-over into face-to-face interviews so keep that in mind for the future.


Interviewer Top Tips

As an interviewer, you have a responsibility to select candidates for the position advertised. You are also responsible for upholding the reputation of your organisation and good public relations, so your conduct, and your observation of recruitment best practice is really important – don’t be the manager criticised on social media after the interviews are over!

By offering an interview, candidates will become anxious and nerves will play a pivotal factor in how they perform during the interview. Below are some tips to remember when interviewing students looking to take that next step in their career. Your job is to get the best out of each candidate so that you can make a fair assessment and select the right person for the job.


These resources can be downloaded and used across your organisation, please feel free to print them off or share them across your own newsletter or social platforms.

We hope that you find them useful and informative.

Adam Sayward

Programme Support Officer

West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership

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