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Valuing Social Work Practice: For the Love of Social Work

Research indicates that social workers who have been qualified for between 2 and 5 years are at the greatest risk of leaving the profession. This course will examine the theory behind the research and look at practical ways in which to approach the complexities that qualified social workers are facing. Each session will focus on a different element of social work practice, taking into consideration; organisational and cultural pressures; ethical dilemmas from a personal and professional perspectives; the challenge and reward of continuous development and the responsibility associated with being an “experienced social worker”.

Re-ignite your love for the social work role and profession...

​Course Date



17th November 2021


Birmingham venue, tbc

1st December 2021


Birmingham venue, tbc

15th December 2021


Birmingham venue, tbc

19th January 2022 - recall day


Birmingham venue, tbc


Delivered by Staffordshire University, this 3.5 day course is aimed at experienced social work practitioners who have been in practice for over two years, and who may be seeking to develop alternative leadership skills without going via the traditional management route. The course will be delivered in person.

How to book

Please email the West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership to express your interest, spaces on these sessions are limited. Once applications have been received selected delegates will be contacted to confirm their space.

Please note; this is a 3.5 day course and you will be expected to attend all sessions.

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