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Social work degree apprenticeship

The social work degree apprenticeship is a new and innovative route into becoming a fully qualified social worker whilst gaining valuable on-the-job experience and earning a wage at the same time.

The apprenticeship is a great alternative to the traditional undergraduate degree and takes around 3 years.

Our academic partners offering the degree apprenticeship route:

Launching the Social Work Apprenticeship Degree: Coventry University


In September 2019, Coventry University began its ‘SWAD’ – the Social Work Apprenticeship Degree.


As an innovative ‘day-release’ work-based learning course, it has arguably bridged the ‘education versus training’ debate in contemporary social work.


The SWAD maintains academic oversight and a three-year degree pathway with learners who are rooted in local authority services. The central reflective-learning model ensures that every single week, people on the course are directly applying study into their practice contexts.


Coventry University have produced an article to capture the initial thoughts of key stakeholders of the apprenticeship, a pillar of the West Midlands Teaching Partnership which works to support social work education.

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Developing the Social Work Apprenticeship Route at Staffordshire University


Our Experience of Social Work Apprenticeships:

Worcestershire County Council

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