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Ruth Hare of Birmingham City Council wins Adult Social Worker of the Year.

Congratulations to Ruth, who is a Gold Award Winner!

Regarded by colleagues as a dedicated practitioner with a real passion for helping younger peers achieve to their best ability, Ruth is also something of an innovator and a driving force.

Having worked successfully in social work in the Birmingham area for a number of years, and taking on a Specialist Practitioner in Education role, Ruth then spotted the opportunity to create an initiative specific to hoarding.

Ruth identified hoarding as a real issue her community was facing and established a team to focus on this area alongside a voluntary organisation. This was so successful that after submitting a business case to councillors in Birmingham, Ruth's team expanded.

Not only has this project helped many people across the community, it has also developed a partnership with the volunteer organisation, and created a beneficial focus for practitioners and students who are part of the initiative. On behalf of the West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership, we wish Ruth warmest congratulations on her well-deserved success!

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