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Exploring the Nature and Impact of Contemporary Financial Realities for Social Work Students.

Keele University are undertaking research into the impact of the current financial situation on social work students.

A student sits with her laptop looking out of the window.

 This project aims to explore any impact on placement experiences, academic work and any other relevant areas. We also aim to establish the extent to which informal and formal support provision is being provided. We hope that the research will help inform policy discussions about financial support for social work students and practical considerations around placements and design and delivery of education too. 

We are inviting students, practice educators/supervisors and academic staff involved in social work education within the UK to take part in separate anonymous surveys. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and include questions about you and your experiences, and also for your perspectives on any impact of the financial pressures students on social work courses experience. See below for further information on how to participate.

Participant Information Sheet
Download PDF • 184KB


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