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Accredited CPD Courses





Advanced Strengths Based Practice

Birmingham City University


This assessed module is aimed at experienced and/or advanced Social Workers (Zone 3 / 4 of the West Midland Teaching Partnership CPD Progression Framework) and is aligned to both the Knowledge and Skills Statements and the Professional Capabilities Framework at ‘experienced’ social worker level. It offers the opportunity for social workers to consolidate and develop skills and knowledge by exploring their own professional and others’ lived experiences in order to determine both whether and how professional practice is responding to changes in society. The theoretical foundations and evidence for established and emerging Practice Frameworks will be critically reviewed to identify both the challenges and potential of implementation.

The module facilitates innovative, strength based practice through the sharing and evaluation of practice by colleagues from different settings and localities, and offers students opportunities both to work with ‘experts by experience’ and to identify potential links to ‘Mend the GAP’ projects within the region. It seeks to identify and challenge outdated thinking and practice and explores the value of fresh perspectives through enhanced critical reflection, analysis and the development of research mindedness.


During this module you will:
• Have opportunities to critically reflect on current practice within your own setting
• Identify and explore underpinning theoretical models shaping your practice
• Consider and evaluate evidence supporting established and emerging practice approaches and models
• Explore your evolving professional identity and relationships
• Identify how values shape your practice
• Identify the strengths and areas for development in your practice
• Reflect on the experiences of those we work with, and for, and the impact on them of your practice
• Develop your professional networks

Participants will engage in 25 hours of scheduled blended teaching, both face to face and online and are expected to complete approximately 175 hours of directed learning and independent study.



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