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Accredited CPD Courses





Developing and Supporting Organisational Leaders 

Staffordshire University


The aim of this course is to enhance effectiveness and provide peer and facilitator support to managers and leaders at middle management and the highest level in the social work field who face the challenges of austerity measures, public scrutiny and a challenging policy agenda.  Upon successful completion of this course, candidates will have developed a clearer understanding of their ethical and professional approach to strategic management.  They will have identified examples of excellent practice within the current climate, worked with peers to support, develop and collaborate with each other and considered their role in the support and advancement of employees.  They will have learned to incorporate enhanced critical reflection and reflexivity into their roles as leaders and become committed to a collaborative approach to the enhancement and standing of the social work profession. 


Summative assessment will take the form of a 4,000-word written assignment in which you will be required to analyse critically a piece of work you have undertaken as an organisational leader. The critique should incorporate learning from the course and employ a reflective style, including self-challenge and objectives for future development (meets All LO’s). Formative assessment Candidates will be offered tuition and feedback on academic writing as appropriate. 



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