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Wellbeing with Art of Brilliance

The West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership and the Art of Brilliance have teamed up to develop and share bite-sized wellbeing sessions.

The video sessions will share key messages based on the science of wellbeing, happiness and flourishing that are thought provoking, memorable and most of all, can make real difference to helping us all shine during these testing times.

The modules are:

Introduction to The Art of Being Brilliant

Introducing positive psychology and 2%ers, this session looks at why we all need a ’thinking upgrade’; what barriers can stifle personal brilliance and how making a simple yet profound choice becomes a game changer. One day... or Day One; you decide.

Business as Unusual

Accepting the goalposts just got burned and certainty feels like it evaporated, how can we adapt, cope and even dance on the shifting carpet of unprecedented change? This session includes 4 tips for effective home working and how to start your day with the Four Minute Rule.

Mental Wealth

Staying upbeat and positive just got a lot harder. This video contains top tips on how to maintain a spring in your step in a world that’s hell bent on knocking us sideways. Including mindfulness and strategies that help build mental resilience and ‘Bouncebackability’.

To access the sessions, please visit our website or YouTube page here.

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