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Training to Teach - Staffordshire University *Fully Booked*

What is ‘Training to Teach’?

We are delivering ‘Training to Teach’ sessions for local social work practitioners wanting to develop skills in teaching and become involved in curriculum design on social work programmes.

These training sessions do not carry academic credits, but a certificate of completion will be granted at the end of the course for CPD evidence.

This Training to teach course will be a full day of teaching followed by a half day workshop. We will run two groups/cohorts of this to ensure inclusion from across the north of the region. There are 30 spaces on each session.

Please note that due to COVID-19, all training will be virtual via Microsoft Teams

Each of the sessions will include:

• Consideration of environment: classrooms, lecture theatres, simulation suites, virtual.

• Exploration of delivery methods and pedagogy.

• Time spent with members of our service user and carer group regarding co-facilitation.

Participants will then be offered a half day workshop to use their learning and facilitate a workshop with social work students or apprentices – to be agreed at a later date.

Participants will be given a pack which will include their own learning resources as well as resources for use in a classroom environment.

Venue & Amenities:

Training will be delivered virtually through Microsoft Teams by Staffordshire University.

Please ensure you can access Microsoft Teams to participate in this training.

Part One of your training:

Full day teaching:

This will be a day of learning virtually which will include theoretical frameworks around teaching, learning and basic classroom management. You will experience learning activities in classrooms and lecture theatres, as well as looking around the simulation suites available to the department. It will also include input from our expert citizens around partnership working and how people with lived experience contribute to teaching and assessment within social work.

Part Two of your training:

Half-day workshop:

This will be an opportunity for attendees to return to the university and contribute to a workshop with our students or apprentices on the social work programmes. This will be co-teaching with members of staff, other attendees on the course and expert citizens. It will give the attendee an opportunity to put their learning into practice and to gain feedback from students about their teaching.

Available days to attend are below (attendance is only necessary at one day).

Cohort A:

Wednesday 19th August 10am – 4pm, Microsoft Teams

Then half-day workshop at a later date*

*Participants can choose a Friday to coincide with teaching on children’s, adults and mental health.

Cohort B:

Tuesday 1st September 10am – 4pm, Microsoft Teams

Then half-day workshop at a later date* 

*Participants can choose a Friday to coincide with teaching on children’s, adults and mental health.

If you are interested, please email westmidlandsteachingpartnership@coventry.gov.uk to request an application form.

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