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Strength Based Practice Framework for Adults

Andrew Errington, Principal Social Worker for Adults,Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council Adult's Services is taking forward a ‘strength based approach’ through their new Adult Social Care Practice Framework. 

This brings together our approach to practice, identifying what underpins the work and how this informs interventions. A Practice Framework also provides the opportunity to demonstrate how we ensure staff have the practice tools, conditions, skills and learning opportunities, supporting staff to improve practice where required.

The Practice Framework will form part of a whole system strengths-based approach to care, support and inclusion to support our approach of looking first at what people can do with their skills, resources, relationships and their communities. The Practice Framework will be supported by a range of different activities which have been in development over the last 18 months. These include;

  • New suite of documentation to support our strength based practice approaches

  • Motivational interviewing training to develop strength based conversation techniques

  • Strength Based Practice Toolkit for practitioners and managers

  • Focus on reflective supervision approaches and the development of peer group supervision

  • Capture stories of difference using storyboards via an online storyboard

  • A practice quality assurance framework including an annual Organisational Health Check survey and complimentary thematic reviews

  • New real time client and carer 'experience' survey

  • Effective process for deafblind assessment

  • Implementation of Adults Family Group Conferencing approaches

Read the framework here.

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