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Social Work England becomes the new specialist regulator for social workers

On Monday 2 December Social Work England will take over from the Health and Care Professions Council as the new specialist regulator for the profession.

Social work is about people and social workers support millions of people across the country every day. The purpose of Social Work England is to regulate the social worker profession so that people receive the best possible support whenever they might need it in life. They are committed to raising standards through collaboration with everyone who has an interest in social work, and they will also seek to promote confidence in the sector.

Social workers will be contacted from Monday 2 December to introduce them to the new regulator and there will be details on how to set up an online account. Lots of useful information that social workers will need to know, for example, the new professional standards and guidance on CPD, will also be available on the Social Work England website.

Colum Conway, Chief Executive of Social Work England, said: “It’s a landmark moment for the sector as our organisation takes over as regulator. We have been established under new legislation which allows us to be a modern, specialist regulator that builds and promotes confidence in the sector. We will be flexible in our approach, collaborative with everyone who has an interest in social work and take proportionate action when things go wrong.

“Many social workers, stakeholders and people with lived experience have played an active role in shaping our organisation through the development phase. I look forward to continuing our collaborative work and increasing confidence in the sector.”

Find out more at www.socialworkengland.org.uk. You can also support the launch of the regulator by sharing this information amongst your networks and on Twitter using #socialworkengland.

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