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Shropshire Adults Student Hub (SASH)

Gerald Sapayi (Birmingham City University), Samuel Macombe (Birmingham City University) and Kath Tudor (Shropshire Council).

The West Midlands Teaching Partnership have funded ten student units across the region, to provide opportunities for social work students to develop and grow. The Shropshire Adults Student Hub (SASH) is one of these units.

"We are MA Social Work students from both University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham City University and for our last 100-day placement been allocated a new exciting opportunity of being put together in Shropshire Adults Student Hub which is a new project for Shropshire Council.

Being in the Hub has been an excellent opportunity for us as students, not only sat together and able to learn new skills together but to be sat with our practice educator for full support whilst on placement. We have been welcomed into the team and feel that we have been fully supported since we have started. We have access to all departments within adult social care and the ability to shadow different qualified social workers to gain a better understanding of the local authority and their social work processes. We have been lucky enough to draw knowledge from a wide range of professionals who have been kind and willing to share their knowledge and skills with us.

We have been booked onto relevant training that we all require depending on our learning needs which will enable us to develop into the social workers we wish to become once we are all qualified. All of us have discussed with each other our worries and concerns before we started here however being in the Hub has overcome any anxieties we had as students starting their final 100-day placement. We have access to many social work books in the department which will be extremely helpful to us to gain further knowledge and to also share knowledge between us in the Hub. It has been enlightening to share stories and experiences with students from different universities and we hope that we can contribute to the further development of the Hub so future students can also benefit from this like we have."

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