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Reforming the Child Protection System

On 25 February 2020, an exciting event will launch a new and innovative parent partnership project for families involved with West Midlands child protection systems. A more supportive, collective and compassionate approach to child protection is needed and this event will consider how parents with lived experience of child protection can become partners to achieve this.

The day will share the experiences of engagement with parents in the United States, that show how parent partnership can reduce the need for children to be in care; develop better help for families; and create better cooperation and partnership between parents and social workers.

Speakers will include a range of parents with child protection experiences, but also Professor Andy Bilson, ATD Fourth World, a speaker from parent advocacy in New York, Camden Family Group Conferencing and Southwark Parents Panel. The day will be interactive, combining short speeches with interactive workshops and a decision making panel.

This launch event will be open to managers, practitioners and families within the region to share, but also gain, ideas to making progress and forging on with a more significant project for change.

If you are interested please contact Simon Haworth, University of Birmingham: s.p.c.haworth@bham.ac.uk.

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