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Practice Educator Refresher Sessions from University of Wolverhampton

University of Wolverhampton are offering 4 Practice Educator refresher sessions to social work practice educators (stage 1 and stage 2). The sessions will be online (Microsoft Teams Meeting) for a duration of 2 hours: 10am-12noon. The format for each session will be the same: delivery of content, short break, consideration of tools to support practice educators and Q&As.

Practice Educator Refresher Session 1

24 August 10am-12 noon – The Complexity of Practice Assessment

Practice Educators work in a complex landscape. This session explores factors creating that complexity, including assessing against multiple standards across multiple qualifying awards. It considers tools for negotiating complexity and offers opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience.

If you would like to attend the above session on 24th August 10am-12noon, please email Kully Chera by 4pm on 13th August giving your name, employer organisation and your email address. You will be sent an invitation to join the session via Microsoft Teams Meeting, or be advised that the session is over-subscribed, in which case you could be offered an alternative date. Kully’s email address is K.K.Chera@wlv.ac.uk

Practice Educator Refresher Session 2

29 October 10am-12 noon – Exploring the Boundaries of Social Work Practice Education

Practice Educators work in a boundaried landscape. This session identifies those boundaries and, with reference to stories told by practice educators about their experiences, considers ways in which those boundaries can be negotiated. Skills for boundary working are presented and the idea of Practice Educators as boundary workers is explored.

Practice Educator Refresher Session 3

8 December 10am-12 noon – Facilitating learning in practice education

Beginning with stories of Practice Educators experiences as facilitators of learning, this session explores what and how Practice Educators teach students. It addresses the role of Practice Educators as educators, and considers the ways they facilitate students’ learning in and for practice.

Practice Educator Refresher Session 4

17th February 10am-12 noon – Facilitating solution circles for peer support

This session sets out the goals and ground rules of Solution Circles and explores their use as a means of offering and receiving peer support.

Details for requesting to attend sessions 2 – 4 will be distributed at a later date.

Ani Murr – Social Work Lecturer


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