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PhD funding and studentships at University of Birmingham Department of Social Work and Social Care

There are currently a range of opportunities for PhD funding and studentships at the University of Birmingham:

ESRC Open Competition

The Midlands Graduate School open competition advert for entry is now live here. The deadline for Open Competition applications is Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

The Department of Social Work and Social Care at University of Birmingham is now inviting applications for ESRC Doctoral Studentships in Social Work/Social Care as part of the Midlands Graduate School.

Interested candidates should refer to the MGS website for information on how to apply for funding and in particular the ‘How to apply’ pages.

The ESRC studentships cover fees and maintenance stipend (if eligible) and extensive support for research training, as well as research activity support grants. To check your eligibility, visit the page here.

Wider funding opportunities

Please visit the University of Birmingham Graduate School funding webpage to find alternative routes of funding. These hold a range of funding opportunities, many of which may be applicable.

School Studentships

It is likely that there will be studentships available at University of Birmingham for specific projects that will be disseminated at various points throughout the year, please keep an eye out for these and get in contact if you are interested in any of them. These studentships can cover a range of topics.

Doctoral Proposal/Application Workshop

University of Birmingham is holding a workshop to support potential applicants to complete a good proposal and application. Secure your place here.

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