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PE and CPD Workshop Discussions

The PE and CPD workstream held a workshop in Wolverhampton to explore the future direction of CPD content and progression pathways across the region, practice frameworks, and practice leadership.

The groups discussed current progression routes for social workers working with Children and Adults  and what learning and experience should be required for progression. There was also discussions about strengths-based practice frameworks and how current CPD training supports this and could be developed further.

Practice leadership with adults and children’s services was discussed and there was a consensus of those present that leadership qualities are important to encourage the development of teams and to improve staff retention. It was discussed that leadership is not only defined within management roles and it is important to encourage positive leadership at all levels. 

Further discussions centred on innovation in CPD and models of co-delivery. The next steps of the workstream are; developing an overall framework for CPD and progression routes in Adults and Children’s across the Teaching Partnership; exploring ways to develop leadership through training, identifying any gaps in relationship and strengths-based approaches and supporting Local Authorities with this; creating a brochure of post-qualifying learning opportunities across partnership HEIs.

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