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Parents, Families and Allies Network Survey

Coronavirus and social distancing are putting stress on families and communities, and are tough on parents with child welfare involvement. The Parents, Families and Allies Network (PFAN) is dedicated to building the power of parents affected by the child protection system.

PFAN is asking for parents and families' help to make PFAN the best source of advocacy, help and information on humane child protection post coronavirus by sharing their experiences.

Please complete this brief survey  so that PFAN can learn from difficulties you face and what has helped. PFAN also want to hear about any positive initiatives you or others have taken to deal with problems caused by the shutdown.

The responses will help to support the community, uplift parents’ voices, and advocate for parents’ needs with children’s social care leadership.

No information identifying parents, families or children will be published without specific consent. PFAN will publish findings on its website and quote specific responses in their advocacy work without identifying individuals.

PFAN are also gathering responses to the coronavirus crisis so that they can add to the information available on the PFAN website.

You can contribute to this by following this link: GOOD PRACTICE AND INFORMATION.

Thank you for your support.

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