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My Experience in the Teaching Partnership

Hannah Bedford, Senior Practitioner, Coventry City Council Children's Services

My name is Hannah Bedford, and I am a Senior Practitioner in Coventry’s Social Work Academy. 

In June 2017, I was seconded to the West Midlands Teaching Partnership, as a Learning and Research Associate. I worked with Local Authorities across the West Midlands, both with Children’s and Adult’s Services. 

I was involved in teaching at the University of Birmingham, delivering workshops in the workplace, and contributing to work streams which focused on student placements, and social work career progression. I worked closely with Principal Social Workers, and other leaders, across the West Midlands. 

I was able to reflect on my Social Work practice, and help to develop the practice of others. One of the most exciting parts of my role was the prospect of being involved in Social Work research. I feel like my own career progression has been accelerated through the unique experience that I have had, and the skills that I developed as a result.

My secondment ended almost a year ago, but the idea of partnership has remained for me, having built a professional network. Working alongside the current Project Team, I can see how much the West Midlands Teaching Partnership has grown, and I am excited to see what opportunities this brings for Social Work in the region.

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