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Insights into Integrated Placements

Claire Skelson, Professional Social Work Educator, MPFT

Within integrated placements that MPFT have established, the 'hub approach' model enables students to be a part of the whole service user journey, encouraging a reflexive approach to achieving the best outcomes for individuals and families and the wider community.

This includes teams that support individuals and families from the very beginning, when they may first be in need of support such as the Home First Team. This approach can be used within the teams that are responsible for Care Act assessments & reviews, and personalised outcome focused support.

Collaborative and integrated working across partner agencies

The teams within the hub at MPFT have well-established collaborative relationships with a multitude of partners including Staffordshire County Council and NHS Trusts. This further enriches the practice learning opportunities for the students in the placement. Students can have learning experiences within teams such as hospital discharge, discharge to assess, brokerage, safeguarding, first contact and mental health community teams.

These relationships have been further enhanced where students previously placed with the team have led projects regarding partnership working across the organisations. The hub approach facilitated the opportunity for students to have learning opportunities within the partner agencies and to then share these opportunities with students from within these partners.

This has further strengthened partnerships across agencies and promoted an integrated approach to placements enhancing the student learning experience ensuring that service users and carers are at the heart of what they do.

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