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Do you want to Mend the Gap?

Albert Moylan, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University

Because of the likely benefits for all stakeholders involved, the West Midlands Teaching Partnership will be proposing the setting up of Mend the Gap Projects.

Shaping Our Lives UK (a national disabled people’s and service user’s organisation) together with Lund University (Sweden) and Lillehammer University (Norway) began the PowerUS network in 2011.

Together they established the Mend the Gap approach in social work education to promote more equal methods of participation for citizens with lived experience.

They also did this because, there are gaps between the perspectives, experiences, rights, needs and wants of people with lived experience and the policies, procedures, understanding and approaches of social workers, social work educators, social work students and policy makers. There are gaps between social work education and social work practice.

Mend the Gap projects are a new way of learning. They identify gaps, explore these, and find ways of mending them.

Further updates on Mend the Gap will be featured in our newsletters and on the website.

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