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Child Sexual Abuse Training

Anna Gilinksi and Anna Hutchings from the centre of expertise and child sexual abuse will be busy delivering sexual abuse training to all final year social work students within HEIs within the West Midlands Region between October 2020 and February 2021.

This is being co-ordinated by Sukhvir Kaur Dhillon, Consultant Social Worker for the central region.

The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA Centre) www.csacentre.org.uk brings about change by:

  • Collating and analysing existing research, policy, practice and the real experiences of those affected, and filling the gaps we identify with new research, insights and analysis.

  • Using that evidence and insight to develop new approaches and apply learning in practice.

  • This training is part of a pilot being completed by the centre in order to further evaluate the effectiveness of the training on the knowledge, skills and confidence of social work students. In their first pilot with 1st year social work students, seventy-seven participants who completed the training provided feedback; 95% rated the course was ‘very good’, and 5% ‘good.

The training will cover the following:

Part 1:

• Understanding the scale of CSA

• Exploring the challenges and the myths

• Considering the impact, signs and indicators of CSA

• Broadening understanding of children’s disclosures and our role within the disclosure process

Part 2:

• Understanding who abuses children

• An overview of theory relating to why a person may abuse a child

• Understanding how sexual abuse takes place in families - taking a ‘whole family’ approach to assessing and intervening with families - addressing family strengths and vulnerabilities to reduce risk

This will be a great opportunity for students in developing their skills and knowledge in this area of social work at an early stage in their career. This will also enable students to support and assess children and their families with more confidence when in practice.

Please could HEIs email Sukhvir on Sukhvir.KaurDhillon@coventry.gov.uk to arrange a time to discuss this further.

Social work students please contact your course leader to ascertain when your session will be held.

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