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All change at Keele University

Dr Karen Roscoe, Lecturer in Social Work and BA Course Director, Keele University

Keele Social Work department has recently moved to the school of Primary, Community and Social Care.

We are delighted with this move because our research within this department delivers high-quality multidisciplinary research designed to improve the content, delivery and configuration of health and social care services for the benefit of patients and service users with musculoskeletal conditions, mental health problems, cardiovascular disease and other long-term conditions.

To this end, our students in Children and Families/Adults modules across the MA/BA have had direct teaching experiences with Pediatricians, Approved Mental Health Practitioners, members of the law school and service users with a range of life and social care experiences.

Head of School, Professor Christian Mallen says

I am delighted that social work is moving to be part of the new School of Primary, Community and Social Care. This move will unite our excellence in social work education with our world leading primary care research, providing a unique environment that will allow us to graduate outstanding practitioners and provide the evidence-base needed in the rapidly changing health and social care arena."

We have been busy inducting new students alongside introducing new staff. Above is a photograph of staff introducing ‘Whole Brain Learning’ to students during induction, a fabulous metaphor and theory for students to identify what activities they like or don’t (usually maths is a popular dislike for social work learners!).

Whole brain learning teaches us how sometimes we can avoid certain types of learning or activities because we have preferences in how the brain processes information. The idea behind this theory is to use the less preferred parts of the brain to become more ‘whole brain’ thinkers and learners.

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