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Adult Social Care and Work Research: A New Regional Partnership

The West Midlands Applied Research Collaboration brings together the Universities of Birmingham, Keele and Warwick with practice partners including ADASS and the WMTP.

Along with undertaking robust empirical research, the partnership is seeking to develop social work and care research capacity within the region through new opportunities to undertake PhDs and other relevant qualifications. It will also support health-based researchers to better understand and engage with the social care and work sectors.

A major research event will take place on Wednesday 20 May from 12pm to 5pm, with further details to follow.

The new partnership is looking to bridge the long-standing gap between the worlds of practice and research in adult social work and care in the West Midlands region.

To get involved, please contact Professor Robin Miller, University of Birmingham and Social Care Lead for the West Midlands Applied Research Collaboration (r.s.miller@bham.ac.uk).

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