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Admissions Workshop Days

Two workshops, held at Stoke-On-Trent and Birmingham City University, took place in June to look further at the current social work admissions process.

Lucy Cairns, Consultant Social Worker for the Teaching Partnership, led key discussions on the application and interview process. This ties in to key outcomes for the Partnership - to raise the standard and consistency for entrants on to social work education programmes.

Within the application process, attendees looked at the entry requirements for social work students and discussed the need for students to have a good mix of skills such as emotional resilience and academic ability. The group discussed the need for personal statements to be better structured and suggested universities could embrace technology so social work is more accessible.

As part of the discussion around interviews, the group recognised the need for a suitable environment and appropriate representation from service users and practitioners on the interview panel. Both groups identified that applicants to social work programmes need to be of a high calibre to ensure future generations of capable, confident social workers.

Following the workshops and other research, a best practice guide will be created and actions will be taken to implement this across all 27 regional partners. 

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